The 2017 Social Media Image Sizes Guide Cheatsheet

by | Feb 3, 2017

Social media is here to stay. The need for a strong presence can no longer be ignored, and it will continue to increase in 2017. While you don’t need to be on every single social platform out there, you do need your business to be well represented one on the ones you choose. 

Since there were significant changes in the most popular platforms, you’ll want to make sure they are all updated. To help you with the task we found this fantastic infographic. It’s very detailed and includes the most popular platforms. It not only displays dimensions updated to 2017, but also quick tips to help you optimize each platform to the max.

Remember, you are in the branding business, and your social media profile must attest to your branding expertise. You just can’t afford to have poor quality imagery.

Hope you find this useful!

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