We Exist To Help Promo Distributors Increase Inbound Leads And Sales

We are a talented marketing team of consultants, creatives, strategists, designers, copywriters, techies, specializing in the promotional products distributor business.

At Your Service

Since 2007, Action Marketing Co. has been a trusted partner to small and medium-sized businesses, to help them grow and succeed. And keep them a step ahead.

Our Job is to Power Up Your Brand to Attract New Customers

Action provides comprehensive marketing services with a strategy before tactics approach. Using traditional and digital channels, we identify, craft, and implement creative marketing solutions that raise brand awareness, create interest, and drive sales.

We Know The Promotional Products Industry Inside And Out

Considering what we’ve learned in 30 years of direct response marketing, including 11 a distributor business, we know what needs to be done. Because we know your day-to-day, your buyer and their challenges.

The Distributor Business Is Our Specialty

We practice what we preach. It’s best to excel at one thing than be the Swiss army knife of marketing and work with all types of verticals. So we focus on the industries we love and know well.

A Team of Experts at Your service

Marketing has become complicated and is constantly evolving.

We are a group of marketers, creatives and technologists, skilled in each of our specialties. What we have in common is a passion for excellence and delivering results to our clients. Always challenging ourselves, in what can be improved, to help our clients succeed.


To help growth-minded distributors transition to the modern ways of connecting and building relationships with their best clients. So they can attract many more of the right leads, sell more to existing clients, and get more referrals.

Guiding Principals

  • To take our clients results very seriously.
  • To be strategic and intentional. 
  • To be on top of technology evolution, test new things.
  • Always be looking for ways to improve. 
  • To be resourceful.
  • Don’t take ourselves too seriously and be open to feedback.

Founder & President

Gloria Lafont

As owner of Action Marketing Co, I direct the day to day operations of the company and also look at strategic opportunities to grow and innovate. I believe the key to success is surrounding myself with talented people that are smarter than me, who share my vision of being the best at what they do, while enjoying themselves in the process.

My Story

I started in the field of marketing nearly 30 years ago, in a small direct mail firm that handled the data processing and fulfillment for clients who sold through mail order. Since then I’ve worked in different facets of marketing over the years, and back in 2007, I became a promotional distributor. I knew the industry from the buyer’s perspective, I was well versed on the use of promotional products, artwork formats and printing methods; plus I loved the creative contribution I could make to clients.

Once open for business, I immediately contacted everyone I knew to let them know about my new business, joined the Chamber, networked furiously, and also worked on creating a distinct brand for my new business, including developing a custom website I constantly optimized. Out of all my marketing efforts, my website was, by far, the most effective in bringing in top clients, with 90% of my business coming through it.

At the same time, I continued working with small business clients who needed strategic digital services, and over time I’ve assembled a great team of very skilled professionals in design, programming, and writing.  I realized my passion is helping small businesses succeed and I know how to do it.  I started coaching distributors informally, and it eventually became clear to me that I can be very helpful to them and I can make a great impact on their businesses growth, and that’s how it all came together.

On a personal note, I love spending time with my children, I’m a hopeless arts and culture enthusiast, I adore the sea, and support, as much as I can, charitable organizations that do good things for the arts, education, and the environment.


We believe that it’s the people that make the difference in any working relationship. We have assembled a team of professionals with the right mix of industry background, technical expertise, creativity and interpersonal skills. Each of our team members are very skilled and talented in their own particular specialty. We work together with our client’s success as our common goal, and we also like having fun together and supporting our community.


We support our local community in every way we can. We have donated websites to a few small charities of them over the years, are always collecting usable items for the Veterans, attending charitable functions, and contributing to school’s awareness and prevention activities.