Learn How To Grow Your Distributor Business

Become a visible distributor that gets attention and competes with the big players


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Introducing The Growth Game Plan Program

Designed to give you the marketing tools, skills and procedures to build your brand visibility, engage your audiences, and grow your distributor business in today’s changing marketplace.

It’s based on the marketing systems we use to help our clients put the three levers of growth in motion:

1. Build your brand so it stands out and communicates your value
2. Maximize the lifetime value of your clients
3. Build your online presence so you start generating organic leads


The Program


We have molded this course around the same framework we’ve been using to help our clients for over 15 years.

Every clients at ACTION get’s a Growth Game Plan as the very first step. It’s a business and brand evaluation and strategic growth plan that addresses the 3 levers of growth:

1. Build your brand so it stands out and communicates your value
2. Maximize the lifetime value of your clients
3. Build your online presence so you generate organic leads

The course consists of 9 modules divided in 3 sections, that walk you trough the process .

Each module includes a weekly masterclass, worksheets, assignments, assignment review, and Q&A video calls.

It is designed so you start working on your business right away and making progress from day 1


The Modules


Section 1: Marketing Strategy.

Objective: Find Your Competitive Advantage: Differentiation, Positioning & Messaging to Build Brand Authority


1. Market Recon
Definition of your ideal market based on your expertise, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

2. Brand Development 
Uncovering your differentiators, developing your brand messaging framework, visuals, style and brand voice. Aligning your business and personal brand. Creating your marketing kit.

3. Website Optimization
Improving what you already have without having to invest in a whole new one. Creating the right message to communicate your expertise. The sections you need to add to position your authority.


Section 2: Clients’ Amplification

Objective: Maximize Repeat Business, Generate Referrals, Grow Your Accounts


4. Interaction System
Setting up your contact management, communication systems and workflows. Recommended automation tools.

5. Reviews and Referrals
Setting up your review and referral systems in autopilot.

6. Client Nurturing
Set up systens to improve the client experience, expand within the client’s organization, increase repeat business, generate cross sells and up sells.


Section 3: Expand Your Reach

Objective: Become a Visible Distributor and Get Known to Your Ideal Clients


7. Inbound Marketing
Implementing SEO to help Google find your site, creating effective content, using social media the right avoiding time wasters.

8. Outbound Outreach
Using LinkedIn to the max, finding the right prospects, having a simple reach plan that works, smart follow ups.

9. Paid Advertising
Advertising platforms overview, when is it a good time to advertise, where and how to do it.


Cost – $587

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Thursday, April 28th, 2022
Trainer: Gloria Lafont, President of Action Marketing Co