Social Selling For Promo Distributors

Specially formulated for distributors who don’t love social media, don’t know where to start, or don’t know how to use it for business.

No fluff. No hype.

Beginners Level Tutorials

Value-Packed Tutorials

The basics, crafting a strategy, and deep dives that include:

• What each platform has to offer in terms of branding, getting leads and sales

• How to properly set up your profile business pages, what and when to post

• How many platforms should you really be active on and how to determine the best ones for you

• How to create an action plan you can stick to and tools & resources to help you organize and carry out your Social Media marketing activities

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Tutorial Pack

Includes 8 tutorials as described

Special Introduction Offer
Regular Price $147


Social Media 101: The Basics -FREE

• Why Social Media
• Understanding Social Media
• Realistic Objectives
• Social Media Activities
• Social Selling Keys To Success
• Action Steps

LinkedIn: Prospecting And Selling

• Objectives: What You Can Achieve With LinkedIn
• Build Your Brand Positioning And Authority
• Top LinkedIn Tools
• Creating a LinkedIn Plan
• Tools & Resources

Instagram: Expand Your Reach

• Why Instagram
• Opportunities for Distributors
• Creating Your Profile
• Hashtags Best practices
• Creating an Instagram Plan
• Tools & Resources

Twitter: Connect With Clients' Brands

• Why Twitter
• How To Use It For Your Business
• Best Practices
• Action Plan
• Tools & Resources

Crafting Your Social Media Strategy

A Strategy in 3 Steps:
• Step 1 – Realistic Objectives
• Step 2 – Foundation: Your Brand
• Step 3 – The Tactical Plan
• Do’s & Don’ts
• Tools & Resources

Facebook: Building Brand Awareness

• What You Can Achieve With Facebook
• Build Brand Visibility and Positioning
• Top Facebook Tools
• Create a Facebook Plan
• Tools & Resources

Pinterest: Showcase Your Creativity

• Why Pinterest
• How People Use Pinterest
• Opportunities for Distributors
• How To Use It For Your Business
• Best Practices
• Tools & Resources

Google +: Boost Your Rankings

Not available for individual purchase. Included with purchase of the tutorial pack. Easy implementation, big benefits

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Tutorials Pack

Includes 8 tutorials as described

Regular Price $147
Special Introduction Offer



Single Tutorial

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Looking For Guidance With Implementation?

Check out our step by step 60-day implementation plan.

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