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We Provide Marketing Solutions That Integrates Content, Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogging, SEO, & Advertising Campaigns.


In a nutshell, we write original content for your site, distribute in social media, send your newsletters, create advertising campaigns, continuously optimize your site, and do anything and everything to build a premium positioning for your brand and to get it discovered by your perfect clients.

This Service is Available to Only ONE Company Per Specialty/Geographic Area.



Action’s 10 Point Domination System

The BRAND BUILD-UP is ACTION’s proprietary process exclusive for promotional products distributor businesses, which ensures that all marketing activities are implemented the right way, at the right time, and in the right order. It’s a flexible framework that adapts to the needs that will arise when you start to grow while building a strong foundation.

That’s how we maximize the compounding effect, resulting in exponential growth over time.


The 10-Point Domination System starts at


Cost of ads is not included.

Starter Plans Start at $850/month

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

6 Months commitment required

30-day cancellation notice

1. Three Month Game Plan

Based on your Brand Strategy, together we set marketing goals for the next 90 days and create a kick-off game plan.  This includes an in-depth keyword research. This is a very important step for an effective content strategy. There are literally thousands of different keyword combinations that someone might use when looking for a provider such as yourself; however, many of them are not that important to your business. We determine your most relevant keywords through our proprietary framework that helps narrow down your most profitable ones.

The plan is reviewed and adjusted monthly.

2. Taking Over Your Website

We take over the management of your website. We perform all updates to the all the software, inform you of any changes in internet policies that might affect your website, take care of backups and other technical aspects. We also make sure that your website functions at an optimal level, maximizing all on-page SEO opportunities.

Also, if you are targeting your geographic area, we optimize your website accordingly so it’s indexed in Google for your city and surrounding areas in your market.

3. Develop Additional Pages On Your Website

The more keyword based pages on your website, the more chances you’ll have to rise above your competition in the rankings.  That’s because potential clients type in many different keywords that are relative to not only promotional products per se, but also it’s intended use.

We start by building out pages for the main areas of specialty you want to be known for. Be it specific line of products, industry specialties, company stores, etc, we make sure your top keyword phrases have substantial content pages on your website.

4. Systematic Link Building

Although there are indications that inbound links are losing importance as a ranking factor, they still play an important role so we continue to include it in our work plan. Once your website has been optimized, we implement a system to proactively obtain quality inbound links. We use methods that include creating and distributing quality relevant content in various formats, social media bookmarking, posting comments on relevant social media networks and your client’s industry-specific blogs.

5. Directory Listings

We claim your local directory listings on Google Places, Yahoo, Bing, City Search, Yelp, and about 50 other very important local online directories. We will be building out your listings (uploading photos, posts, videos, special offers, etc.) and optimizing them for top placement. By adding your promo business to all of these different directories, your exposure will improve, your chances of showing up on searches will increase and more importantly, your credibility will grow.

6. Ongoing Content Publishing

Content is the center of our online marketing system, as it has become the most important ranking factor.  We consistently publish and distribute valuable information that will be of interest to your potential clients and educates them in the value your company can bring to them while taking the conversation away from price as a single determining factor. By publishing this content on your website we build your Internet presence, expertise, and credibility.

7. Social Media Content Distribution

We create, build, and maintain social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ primarily, and in some cases, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. As content is created and published we shared it across the Internet to drive traffic to your website.

We also use paid advertising to gain greater visibility and traffic, using Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

8. Review and Testimonial Collection System

Online reviews are a very important part of an effective online marketing system for a number of reasons. First off, search engines will favor those businesses that have reviews. It also will have a positive impact in getting prospective clients in choosing to click on your site, as people take these reviews seriously. We will implement a system to collect reviews and testimonials from your clients to help build up your online good reputation.

9. Email Campaigns

Keeping in touch regularly with your clients will help increase repeat business and referrals. But you can’t send the same email to everyone. We help you segment your list keeping prospects and clients separate, so we can send specific campaigns that are more personalized and relevant to each group.

10. Tracking and Monitoring Performance

We track and monitor traffic, leads, and other performance indicators on a monthly basis, and provide you with monthly reports that, much like a profit and loss statement, provide insights to always be improving. We install tracking mechanisms such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and call tracking.

This Service is Available to Only ONE Company Per Specialty/Geographic Area.


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