Working Together

Important Factors To Know

Unlike the rest of industry digital services, ACTION’s are not mass produced, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all.  We provide premium services, tailored to your brand and your business goals.  Every business is different and has different needs. 

• Our work is produced for each client individually, therefore it requires time and labor costs.

• In terms of your marketing budget, it’s important to allocate for marketing technology services such as email systems and other automation tools, and also paid advertising. These are often critical pieces of a successful digital marketing program.

• We don’t bill hourly. Everything we do is scoped and quoted ahead of time.

• We are flexible and the extent and depth of work generally adjusts based on your priorities and results, which usually vary from month to month.

Are We a Good Fit?

We work with distributors who are ready to make changes in their business to be able to grow. They have invested in marketing before and know it can be a business driver. But they haven’t quite figured out how to tie all the moving parts together, or simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle it all – or part of it – in-house. Or they’re looking to modernize their business and need assistance with a rebranding strategy.

We don’t do project work that is not tied to your business strategy, such as social media posting as a standalone, VA type of work, or graphic design projects. There are better options in the market than us for this type of service.

We work best when these 3 conditions are met:

1. You appreciate a strategy-first approach that looks at your entire business and your goals.
2. You are looking for someone to bring thought and expertise to the table
3. We have a clear understanding of your business and the challenges you’re trying to solve
If you haven’t already, check our approach here.

A Skilled Marketing Team at Your Service

Hiring ACTION is like hiring a highly skilled marketing and communications manager, a copywriter, a social media manager, a graphic designer, a web developer, and an SEO geek. All of them specializing in the promotional products distributors business.

Start Here

The Fit Call

A Business Introduction

We set up a call to get to know each other. We ask you a few questions about where you are in your business and what challenges you’re looking to solve through marketing.

We explain our process and discuss our services and budget ranges and recommend solutions. If it makes sense to both of us, we move to the next step in working together.
If we’re not a good match and we can’t help you, we recommend other possible solutions so you don’t leave the call empty handed.

What’s Next

Your Growth GamePlan

The Growth Game Plan is a strategy based plan of attack to transform your business and take it to the next level. 

We take a 360-degree view of your business and assess the current status of your brand in your marketplace. We identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, uncover your differentiators, and lay out a detailed 90-day action plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and objectives. 

We first send you a questionnaire to learn about your business, aspirations and challenges. We also perform an online presence evaluation before the call.

After your Growth GamePlan is complete,  you can chose to hire ACTION for the execution or implement it on your own.

It includes a 60-minute strategy session to discuss the plan and a written brief.  

FEE $475

This cost gets applied to services should you move forward within 60 days.


The Brand Boost

Shine The Way That You Should

Meet The Brand Boost: a complete brand overhaul that includes a new 7-10 page website, development of your core marketing message, uncovering your brand voice, graphic design, and core content that communicates your expertise. The website is delivered fully optimized to start getting Google’s attention when the right type of clients are searching. Includes setting up the new Google Analytics 4 and your Google Business Profile. It also includes a training on how to add blog posts and update your site.
Completed in 4 weeks.

Fee $2,500

*Excludes eCommerce websites

Monthly SEO Focused Marketing Services

We become your remote marketing implementation and support team. 

Typically, we write original content for your site, distribute in social media, send your newsletters, create social media and advertising campaigns, continuously optimize your site, and do anything and everything to build a premium positioning for your brand and to get it discovered by your perfect clients.

We may be doing it all for you or working with your team on day-to-day implementation.  Or the right combination may be somewhere in the middle.

It’s all about you: we do what it takes to support and empower you to achieve success.

Plans start at $850/month

Support Services

Tune-Up, Set Ups & Tech Support

Install a blog on your existing website, setup Google Analytics 4 tracking, stay on top of the updates and maintenance that give your customers a good user experience with the help of skilled team.

Choose the level of support that suits you – you can always come back for more!

FEES depend on the scope of the required work.

Starts at $250

What if I just want your advice?

Schedule a Power Consultation Session

Our Power Consultation Session is a 60-minute meeting with one of our consultants, where you get all your marketing questions answered. We share our knowledge, expertise, and insight gained from working with distributors, over the years. 

We can help you with anything you want, from a critique of your website to improve conversions, review your online visibility and recommend improvements, or anything else you might want to discuss.  

The Power Consultation Session is beneficial when you want a professional opinion that goes straight to the core of what needs to be done to solve a problem you have. 

FEE $175

This cost gets applied to the Growth GamePlan, should you decide to hire us within 2 months.