Gloria Lafont at Delivering Marketing Joy

by | Jul 28, 2017

As a big fan of Kirby Hasseman and his contribution to the promotional products industry, it is a great honor to be his guest on Delivering Marketing Joy, his weekly video show in PromoCorner

Kirby was recently named the NUMBER ONE on The 2017 Online18 Most Influential People list, by Promo Marketing, the latest of a long list of well-deserved industry recognition awards.



One of the things I admire about Kirby Hasseman, is how he was able to transition his marketing, communications and sales approach from the old-school chase model that was the norm when he first founded Hasseman Marketing, to adopting and leveraging online marketing in a big way. Changing is difficult for long-time distributors and he shows by example that it can be done. He creates valuable content for his clients and potential clients, and has developed a big online presence for his business using video and social media.

In this interview, we talk about 3 big mistakes distributors make with their marketing, why is content important, and how can distributors differentiate. And I got to ask a question too. So I asked him how he went from the traditional model to owning content and digital marketing.

Watch what he had to say!


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