What is a Landing Page and When You Need Them

by | Jul 16, 2016

Technically, a landing page is any page on your website a visitor “lands” to enter your website. However, for marketing purposes, a landing page is one where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a single action. It’s a page where visitors arrive after clicking on an offer to be presented with a single choice: either click to convert, or leave. Landing pages have proven to significantly increase conversions and that’s why you should consider them in your marketing tool box.

Common uses of landing pages include lead generation funnels, event  registration pages, and paid advertising campaigns. Their purpose is to move the visitor to the next step in the conversion process.  These pages don’t have any clickable elements that might distract the visitor, not even site navigation; because the idea is that visitors won’t have anywhere to click thereby leaving the page before taking the desired action.

How to Add a Landing Page To Your Current Site

There are several ways to add landing pages to your site,  depending on the type of your current website’s platform. If yours is a WordPress site, or you have a blog, you will be able to design your landing page right on it using a plugin. However, If your website is an industry cookie-cutter site you won’t be able to install any landing page software. Either way, there are services that provide easy to design stand-alone landing pages you can use. They are very user-friendly and integrate with most email systems, and can also handle the delivery of the digital incentive you might be offering. There are several reputable providers in the market, such as Lead Pages and Unbounce that make the process fairly easy without any programming required.

Whether it’s hosted within your site or in a different platform, landing pages are one piece of a campaign that will consist of several components that must be in sync. As for the page itself,  the layout and sales copy are very important. You’ll need a grabbing headline, a concise explanation of what people will get by signing up, and a clear call to action.

Example of How To Use a Landing Page

Let’s say you want to collect leads on your website, and will set up a lead magnet campaign offering a free guide you have developed. These are the basic components to set that up:

1. An advertisement to drive people to the landing page.
2. The landing page properly set up
3. The signup form that enters the people’s contact information on to your database
4. The Thank You Page (a page to direct people after they click on the offer)
5. The delivery email with the link to the download people signed up for
6. The follow-up emails

And there you have it!

As always, if you are thinking about creating a led generation campaign and are not sure how to go about it, we are here to help. Simply send us a message using the form provided here , we’ll get back to you promptly to coordinate a time to talk.


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