Summer is here! This time of the year things typically slow down somewhat with many of our clients taking vacations, so it’s a good time for us to take some -well deserved- time off to rest and recharge.

Considering we are almost halfway through the year it’s also a good time to assess where we are with our goals. Are you on track? Are you behind? What adjustments do you need to make?

Most distributors I’ve heard from lately have experienced a boost in business for the first part of the year. However, as a small business owner, it is easy to focus on the fulfillment of the orders to the point of neglecting the prospecting efforts. This usually leads to a slump. For a while, you have so much work you feel up to capacity, but when all the work is complete you realize there is little business coming in because you didn’t do any prospecting.  And you don’t have a lead generation strategy in place.

As a business owner, your main job is to bring in the business and having a marketing plan will help you generate leads online and automate the process a great deal. If you are not on track to hit your goals for the year, and you want to maximize your online lead flow, you might want to check our on-demand webinar Your 2017 Online Marketing Plan For Promotional Products Distributor Business.

This marketing planning webinar will help you get clarity about how to market your business to get more leads for the internet, and where to focus your marketing based on what will make the most impact in growing your distributor company.

All you have to do is invest some time, whenever is convenient. Keep in mind, the time you put working ON your business, instead of IN your business will pay off in the long run.

Click here for full details and to access the webinar.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your marketing aspirations and frustrations, give us a call or schedule a time to talk.

We are here to help!


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