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Your 2021 Digital Marketing Plan

For Your Distributor Business

Start the year with a plan. 

Online marketing is critical to the success of your distributor business.  Know the right marketing mix of activities you need to focus on for the most impact.

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There is a ton of information about digital marketing out there.

But hardly any applies to the promo business.

What worked just 5 years ago doesn’t work anymore. Those distributors who are growing steadily, year after year, are marketing their business proactively, both online and offline. Now you can too.

This marketing planning webinar will help you get clarity about how to market your business, the right activities to focus on, and how to create a marketing calendar so you can market your business effectively without wasting time and money in trial and error.

This FREE value-packed training covers:

• Set Goals for 2021 – how many leads to hit your target
• The new marketing landscape reality: what to leave behind, and opportunities and trends that you need to focus on in 2021
• The BIG picture of all the online marketing channels you should be tapping into to MAXIMIZE your lead flow online
• The 3 fundamentals of marketing success
• Developing a custom action plan based on where you are now & what you need to do now

Host: Gloria Lafont, President of Action Marketing Co.

Who is this for?

Distributors who want to improve their marketing results.

They might currently be:

  1. Growing distributors who market their business regularly but it’s not as structured as they want
  2. Distributors who don’t do much marketing, other than self-promotions.