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An Affordable Solution To Blogging Like a Pro

Publishing relevant content on a regular basis is critical to your marketing success. At ACTION, we’re experienced in creating quality content that will be of interest to the promotional products buyer and easily discoverable by the search engines.

Content is King

But not just any content.

Good SEO content is useful and interesting to your potential clients, presented in a buying context.

It must be well-written, in a conversational but professional tone that represents your brand style. It clearly differentiates you, elevates the solutions you provide,  it communicates your expertise and builds your authority in the marketplace.

It’s also original and based on your most profitable keywords to achieve higher search engine rankings.

It appeals to your business educated target audience.

That’s what you get when you hire ACTION’s specialized writers

Content Delivered

ACTION’s blog writing service provides you with 4 fresh blog post every month, ready for you to post on your own site.

Contact us for full details.


6 months commitment required.

30 day cancellation notice.


Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

How Content Delivered™ Works

Content Delivered™ provides your business with an ongoing supply of content for your distributor business blog.  It is written by professional writers, specifically for your business. That means that it’s written with your best clients in mind while conveying your brand voice and point of view.

What’s Included

• You get 4 pieces of content per month, ready for you to upload to your site.
• The content is original and custom written specifically for your business.
• The content is white label, owned by you, and you have full authorship copyrights.
• Cover images for the title of the post are not supplied. Images within the post – if any – are supplied.
• The content is a mix of topics about the promotional products market, such as product reviews and ideas, decoration methods, and marketing programs in your areas of expertise.
• The content varies in length and format, with a minimum of 600 words for the text format.
• Non-exclusive infographics might be included from time to time, but the introduction, description, and call to action will be customized to your business.

The First Step: Your Content Strategy

Strategy First. Always.
Once you signup, the first step is to define a content marketing strategy.

1. We start with an interview to learn about your goals, where you are in your business, your areas of expertise, and to help us understand your business style and brand voice.

2. We create a detailed target audience profile – your buyer persona-  for each of your main segments.

3. We research your top keywords and create a list of topics based on the keywords and your

4. We create a list of topics based on the keyword research and your buyer personas.

5. We conduct a strategy session to discuss our findings and recommendations and finalize your content strategy

If you want to discuss how we can help you develop unique content for your promo business website,  schedule a quick introduction call at your convenience, using the link below.

Questions? Let's Talk!

Whether you want to ask a few questions, discuss what you would like to accomplish with your marketing, or explore how we could work together, we are here to help.  Let's have a 20 minute conversation so you can tell us where you are in your business, where you want to go, your marketing challenges, and how we might be able to help.



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