Social Media and Your Promo eCommerce

by | Mar 23, 2018

E-commerce in the promotional products world is no longer only for the big industry outlets. At the very least, offering this functionality to your clients can be a determining factor for client retention and acquisition. If you have taken your business in this direction – or are considering it – you must be aware of the role of social media in the buying process.

You’ve probably noticed the “Buy” buttons on some networks like YouTube and Pinterest, which allows the consumer to make a purchase right then in there. Then Facebook lets you set up a store on your page, and we can expect the rest of the networks to incorporate e-commerce abilities.

The gist of it is, major social media platforms are becoming more commercial, while eCommerce platforms are becoming more social, giving way to the social commerce trend, which is becoming more popular by the day.

We found this infographic that outlines the concept in a simple way and can be useful in evaluating how will you approach this opportunity.


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